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'Put the animal at the center, gather as much information as possible, manage by exception'.


Is a principle that is applied to farm animal management. It is based on the idea, that if we put the animal at the center of the process and monitor as much as we can, the evidence gathered through sensor data can be use to make predictions as to what will happen next. Through the use of Information technology and applying intelligence via advanced analytics, it is possible to not only predict, but also steer the process to the best results. This means not only efficient production, but also better health and welfare of the animals. Sensor technologies available today mean we can place the eyes, ears and nose of the farmer in the house 24x7 or more appropriately, tools for the animals to tell us what is going on.

After 8 years of working in this field, I am please to see the principle being more commonly adopted, that not only farmers but also feed, genetics and health advisors are seeing the benefits of

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