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I was born and grew up in London. I have worked in the field of Information technology for over 30 years across a broad range of sectors, from telecommunications, healthcare, retail, banking and government. Having relocated to the south of the Netherlands in 2010, I was introduced to the intensive livestock industry. It was at a time when computerisation had been established, but the industry was still struggling as to what to do next. The idea of open data shocked most people at the time.
Apart from the realisation I was living in a sort of silicon valley of farm technology companies, regularly visited by the world of agriculture. It quickly became obvious how big the information opportunity was.
Alongside my colleagues at Fancom and the academic world, we established a dialogue across the supply chain  as to the value of information from farm technology. To put a number on sustainability. Since those early days, I can only say it has been quite a journey, one that I remain on with passion.
As the supply chain starts to adopt many of these early ideas in the name of Precision farming, I move on to the next great challenge.  To deliver a neutral carbon footprint for animal farming.