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Big data, IOT, Blockchain, Machine learning, AI, Evidence.


After 30 years, information remains a passion for me. In 2010 when I stumbled into the intensive farming industry, my first realization was the 500,000 animal based data centres across the globe producing mountains of data and very little being done with it. That coupled with the fact, 1.8 billion consumers, like myself had very little idea about the industry spoke volumes to me. Since then intensive farming has become more open, but we still have a long way to go. Over the last eight years we have seen a more open approach to data sharing, the evolution of a standard and use of more advanced analytics allowing the data to tell us what is going on. Early ideas on providing evidence from farm technology is a golden opportunity for farmers to be rewarded for their investment in modern facilities. This is only set to grow as we see a quadrupling of data generating sensor technologies hit the market and the number of consumers increase to 4.8 billion over the next 10-15 years.

The future for information entrepreneurs in this industry is surely an exciting one.

Reference link - Agroconnect data standard -