An industry philosophy

intelligenr 3.jpg

The original idea behind iFarming or intelligent farming was to identify with an accepted, 'intelligent' approach as to how we produce meat protein. It was born in a time when Precision livestock farming was struggling to get a voice (too technical) and alternatives such as organic and free range were becoming more commonly accepted (but unrealistic). At the time several alternatives appeared such as smart, fact based even better, all trying to establish a soft term that the consumer could identify with when making a purchasing decision at the super market shelf. Intelligent seemed to ring a bell due to its association with knowledge, wisdom and the constant journey of improvement and discovery. The idea was to embed it in the principles of Precision livestock farming and simply to state. 'From knowledge gained, the farmer is in a better position to make intelligent decisions about what do next in his production'. On top of that, because the evidence is fact based and not human supposition. Then 'the consumer would be in a better position to make an intelligent decision about their sustainable choice'. From this we concluded, iFarming is not a brand but an industry philosophy.